Custom Gifting Services

Winsome Box specializes in gift curation services for a wide range of events, gatherings, even business. We’d love to work with you. Here’s how.

Special Life Events & Gatherings

From engagement to weddings to baby’s baptism to birthdays and what have you,  we know these events are what make up your life. And that it is moments like these that you want to live and relive. We can work with you to curate your gift suites for these occasions and life events, where details are personalized for you so you can fully embrace these moments and make them uniquely yours. Come, let’s gift together.

Business Gifting

Gifts are a way to make an impact for your business and brand and to foster good relationships with your target publics. We have worked with brands and companies big and small in creating purposeful gifts that celebrate partnerships, engage their publics, and keep their products and brands top of mind and relevant. Our expertise in understanding brand communication strategies come in handy in conceptualizing gifting initiatives that are aligned with your company core values, brand image and campaigns. Ask us about our corporate gift packages and process for your company gifting, client gifting, brand marketing initiatives, creative seeding and events.