Gift Concept Collection

Random moments made special and special moments immortalized… Our current collection features gift boxes that are inspired by personal moments, rituals and memories that allow the giftee to embrace it. It’s more than just a gift box, it’s an entire experience in a box.

Sleep Serenity

The gift of rest is one of the most priceless gifts ever given to us.

However, we realize that for most of us, sleep has become a luxury. Our Sleep Serenity Concept was specially curated for the purpose of alluring one to enjoy this gift of rest. Each product or brand that we offer in curating this box all work together toward that one purpose – to let you embrace that moment of rest, especially when you need it most. A Sleep Serenity gift box may be given for any occasion, as a care gift, or just because.

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Lovely Mornings

The cool breeze, the light through the windows, the aroma of coffee, a hearty meal…no one forgets that feeling of a brand new day and a brand new beginning.

Our Lovely Morning Concept was specially curated to celebrate each new beginning – a new home, a new life, or simply, just a new day to enjoy. It is meant to give one the joy of just sitting back, enjoying a nice cup with someone you love, and embracing all hopeful possibilities that new beginning brings. We love this gift box for wedding gift, new home warming gift, hostess gift, hospitality gift, or thank you gift.

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Relax & Renew

With our busy lives, often, a great moment is fleeting. 

And that is why we curated our Relax and Renew Box. It is meant to allow you to catch that moment and slow down, take a deep breath, and just savor the feeling of relaxing your body and renewing your spirit. Like they say, there’s nothing that a warm bath and a nice warm cup can’t fix. Best to give for any occasion, a shower gift, a care gift, or just because.

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We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Whether you’re going on a quick vacay, or moving for good, we curated this box to excite you of the journey ahead. We picked little essentials you’ll need for your trip of a lifetime, and remind you to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. This gift box is perfect for going away gift, thank you gift, a birthday gift for the traveler’s soul, or as a token for a travel-inspired occasion.

His & Her Essential Box

Most often, it’s the little things we take for granted.

This collection is our fully customizable box of little essentials that make your giftee unique in his or her own way. We’ve curated a selection of products from our brand partners to choose from. Put them together as you wish and see your giftee’s personality come out of your personally curated box. Our Essentials box holds so much possibilities. And as they say, to each his own. This is perfect as personal gift, any occasion gift, thank you token, or just because.

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We Do (Our Wedding Collection)

Weddings are a celebration of love.

Our wedding gift suites are curated to celebrate love. More so, we take it as a purposeful way to say thank you to all the people who celebrated love with you during your special day – and beyond. Our wedding gift boxes can be customized according to a concept that we work along with the couple’s ideas. We believe that after they celebrate you and your love, it’s your turn to celebrate them for their being.

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Hello, Baby.

Tiny fingers and tickly toes….

Nothing beats the joy of welcoming a new baby into the world. More so for the parents, as they first hold this wonderful blessing. We have curated gift boxes to celebrate this life-changing shining moment, both for the mommy and daddy, and the little bundle of joy, and these are perfect for shower gifts, child’s blessing and dedication gift, or a congratulatory gift to send to the growing family.

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