The Brands in our Boxes.

Each brand partner in a Winsome Box is .

Brand #1

The gift of rest is one of the most priceless gifts ever given to us.

However, we realize that for most of us, sleep has become a luxury. Our Sleep Serenity Concept was specially curated for the purpose of alluring one to enjoy this gift of rest. Each product or brand that we offer in curating this box all work together toward that one purpose – to let you embrace that moment of rest, especially when you need it most. A Sleep Serenity gift box may be given for any occasion, as a care gift, or just because.

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Brand #2

The cool breeze, the light through the windows, the aroma of coffee, a hearty meal…no one forgets that feeling of a brand new day and a brand new beginning.

Our Lovely Morning Concept was specially curated to celebrate each new beginning – a new home, a new life, or simply, just a new day to enjoy. It is meant to give one the joy of just sitting back, enjoying a nice cup with someone you love, and embracing all hopeful possibilities that new beginning brings. We love this gift box for wedding gift, new home warming gift, hostess gift, hospitality gift, or thank you gift.

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