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Our aim is to create gifts that tell stories, capture memories, and relive experiences. And through it all, we find a way to make your gift box uniquely yours through our bespoke and personalization offerings, from the inside-out of your Winsome Box.

About Us.

“After one’s own gratefulness, beautiful giving begins.”


Winsome Box Gift Curating Studio specializes in gift conceptualization, gift curating and sourcing, and gift styling services. We take pride in being the FIRST to offer specialized gifting services in Manila for personal, social, and corporate gifting needs. We are also the first to introduce the concept of collaborative gifting through curated gift boxes that bring together various brands and products to create a more purposeful and elevated experience of the gift by partnering with Filipino brands, local makers and artisans. Our curated gift box concepts are inspired by lovely moments, rituals, memories, and experiences that make gifting a beautiful, purposeful and more holistic experience for both the gifter and giftee.


We are driven by our mantra “GRATEFUL GIVING and PURPOSEFUL GIFTING. We believe that it is after one’s one gratefulness and gratitude can a beautiful act of giving begin. This realization is what inspired us to create Winsome Box. Giving is a beautiful act in itself. Gratitude is what one feels after receiving something given to you. But for us, gratitude is the bookends of giving. When one realizes that gratitude is not just the outcome of giving but also the reason for it, giving and gifting becomes more meaningful and purposeful for both the gifter and the giftee.